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Plato – Theory of Ideas

Introducing Caduceus:

A Revolutionary Visual Language of Thought Platform

Caduceus is not your run-of-the-mill application; it's a unique chapter in the history of technology spanning 44 years.

Inception & Founders

With a rich legacy spanning over four decades since the 1980s, the Caduceus team has consistently been at the cutting edge of technology, pioneering innovative Knowledge Management Systems from the dawn of the commercial database era.

Our team boasts of crafting comprehensive systems for government bodies and building intricate tech frameworks for multinational corporations.

At the heart of the Caduceus team and its grand vision are Stergios and Ntemis – a boomer and an X-er forging an unstoppable partnership!

Stergios, is a versatile intellectual with expertise in physics, electrical engineering, computer science, and acoustic engineering. Since the 1980s, he has been addressing some of the most intricate I.T issues on both governmental and corporate scales.

Ntemis, has been deeply involved in practical Knowledge Management since 2000, skillfully synthesizing and deploying systems for information flow optimization. 

With a business, technical and legal background Ntemis is dedicated to his dream project, the Knowledge Factory, a Lean, ‘Toyota Way’ for Knowledge.

Caduceus was born out of Stergios & Ntemis’ shared vision to empower individuals to manage their cognitive resources effectively in an era where AI and information overload are consuming people’s wages, time, and attention.

A key member of the Team is the genius talent of Dr Apostolos Georgiadis, whose ample & wide-encompassing skills in engineering, computer science & A.I. have empowered Caduceus to reach new heights.

The Caduceus Philosophy

We firmly believe that the human mind holds boundless potential. We built Caduceus on the understanding that thoughts are first formed as image schemas before being verbalized. This idea, articulated by scientists, philosophers, and deep thinkers, suggests that image schemas represent a Visual Language of Thought – the fundamental concept behind Caduceus!

Caduceus enables users to express themselves using visual and semantic morphemes, shifting between the macro and micro perspectives with no loss of context. An image in Caduceus can encapsulate vast knowledge domains without sacrificing coherence, making Caduceus the ultimate knowledge “compressor” for individuals!

Our goal is to inspire individuals to think with clarity, mimicking the prolific creativity of past and present great thinkers..


The Value Proposition

Early Caduceus adopters have found that it enhances their cognitive clarity by visually reorganizing information. Caduceus provides you with a personal Visual Knowledge Base, enabling you to compound knowledge, recall anything instantly, and articulate your thoughts with precision. This efficiency enhances productivity and fosters collaboration, turning Caduceus users into a collective Super-Mind.

Our Mission

We aim to facilitate clear thought communication, foster knowledge building within communities, and help individuals create value for themselves and humanity.


The Roadmap

Our track record showcases our long-term commitment. We prioritize community over software – a belief that led us to leave the private and public sectors and focus on communities. We are determined to create the optimal tool for Visual Knowledge Management, collaborating with our community for years to come.

The Caduceus Company & Team

Caduceus is maintained by Semantic Knowledge Graph Technologies S.A, a company with an excellent 44-year track record in software engineering in both public and private sectors. Our team consists of 9 developers, 3 PhDs with a background in databases and knowledge management, and 4 operational experts with extensive business experience.

Just the Beginning

Despite its history, tech stack, and track record, we believe Caduceus is still in its nascent stage! Its adaptability and scalability allow it to integrate any new framework seamlessly, and our tech stack enables rapid DevOps cycles for community satisfaction.

Our Community Leads

We are committed to being 100% community-driven, with regular polls to guide the technology’s direction. We also have plans to open-source Caduceus’s architecture in the future, making it a standard in the visual knowledge management sector.