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Bluf – Bottom Line Up First

  • LLMs Contain Infinite Knowledge: AI systems like ChatGPT present a historical opportunity for knowledge and truth-seeking. They act as ‘world brains’, with complete world models embedded, capable of presenting, synthesizing, and constructing knowledge and files on demand
  • Inadequate Interfaces for Infinite Knowledge: While these AI capabilities exist, the interfaces required to fully harness this infinite knowledge and interconnectivity are lacking. Current interfaces predominantly adhere to traditional formats such as text-based note-taking or visual boards like Miro, which fall short in terms of interconnectivity, reusability, and augmentation
  • Human Mind Cognitive Limits: We are reaching a bottleneck in how the human brain processes and stores information, which is inherently visual and semantic. Current methods do not effectively align with our brain’s natural way of organizing and retaining complex information

A.I. and the Pursuit of Knowledge: Crafting the Universal Mind

1. Humanity's Quest for Truth Through Knowledge

Humanity’ journey is defined by an unending quest for understanding, where knowledge serves as the beacon guiding us towards the truths of our existence and the universe.

2. The Evolution Towards a Global Consciousness

The vision of a World Brain or the “Memex” represents humanity’s collective endeavor to amalgamate our entire spectrum of knowledge and insights into a singular, accessible entity.

3. The Composition of the Contemporary World Brain

Today’s World Brain manifests as a triad

(1) the vast repositories of knowledge found on the real world, the internet, books, private databases and files

(2) cutting-edge AI models

(3) and the Human Brain

4. Bridging the Sources: The Imperative for an Integrative Interface

To harness the collective potential of these knowledge sources, an interface is essential—one that adeptly loops, synthesizes, interconnects, augments, and archives insights drawn from the digital, the intellectual, and the artificial

5. Designing the World Brain Interface for Human Intuition

The ultimate interface for this World Brain must not only be technologically advanced but also profoundly intuitive, mirroring the natural mechanisms of the human mind to facilitate a seamless fusion of knowledge and insight.

Caduceus is a cutting-edge, AI-enhanced Visual Knowledge Management Platform, developed over a span of 44 years. It excels in creating “Memories,” distinct constructs for knowledge representation. These Memories serve as both a Mind Operating System and a novel medium for content, significantly outperforming conventional methods of data organization and retrieval.

MultiSensory Language: Direct Thought Capture
  • At the heart of Caduceus is its ability to capture thoughts directly through a MultiSensory Language
  • This language, based on a unique combination of knowledge graphs, semantics, A.I., multi model engine and our unique ViReal database, is engineered to reflect the innate complexity and depth of human cognition, offering a more nuanced and comprehensive method for thought representation than traditional textual or diagrammatic models
Knowledge Factory: Interconnected Maps of Reality
  • Digital Twin Creation: Transform individual thoughts into digital twins, embedding them within an intricate network of interconnected knowledge maps.
  • AI-Driven Augmentation: Leverage AI technology to analyze, expand, and interlink thoughts, fostering a rich, multi-dimensional knowledge ecosystem.
  • Continuous Knowledge Compounding: Facilitate a perpetual cycle of feedback and improvement, where thoughts evolve and compound, enriching the collective web of reality.
The Progressive Loop: AI and Human Synergy
  • The essence of Caduceus’s innovation lies in its progressive loop, a dynamic cycle of interaction between AI and human thought
  • This loop fosters a symbiotic relationship where AI contributes computational power, pattern recognition, and vast knowledge processing capabilities, while human insight adds creativity, ethical considerations, and contextual understanding
  • The result is a continuously evolving body of knowledge that grows in complexity, depth, and utility over time
Publishing Interactive Knowledge Hubs
  • Caduceus empowers individuals to not only curate their own intricate knowledge graphs and thoughts but also to publish them as interactive knowledge hubs. 
  • This feature transforms personal insights into dynamic, navigable landscapes of wisdom, accessible to a global audience. 
  • By offering these personalized hubs, Caduceus facilitates a unique exchange of ideas, enabling creators to share their intellectual explorations and discoveries in a format that encourages engagement, discussion, and collaborative growth. 
  • It marks a significant leap forward in democratizing knowledge dissemination, making it possible for anyone to contribute to the collective understanding and expansion of human thought


Caduceus ViReal Engine

Our unique 7-layer Hybrid Database Functionality, encapsulating our 44 year expertise in databases, which is combined with Semantic Knowledge Graphs to create unique knowledge representation constructs called ‘Memories’.

AI Integration

Incorporates AI elements such as Semantic Web combined with Large Language Models (dynamic choice of all the latest models) integrated in various functionalities such as Prompt/Completion Management, Text2Graph, Chat With Knowledge, Draw Images, Multi Modal Prompting

Semantic Engine & Dynamic Ontologies

Serves as information compressors, storing data in unique containers for quick understanding and retention of complex ideas and relationships with visual tags.

Memories: Maps of Reality

Serves as information compressors, storing data in unique containers for quick understanding and retention of complex ideas and relationships with visual tags.

Multi-Modal Capabilities

Consolidates various media formats into semantic entities and canvases, reducing information overload and catering to different learning styles.

Temporal & Spatial Frameworks

Integrates both temporal and spatial dimensions within the platform, allowing for a more comprehensive and dynamic representation of data and knowledge.

Social Media Embeddings

Allows for the embedding of social media content, enabling users to incorporate and interact with real-time data and trends directly within the platform.

Maps of Reality act as both a Mind OS & a New Content Medium, far surpassing traditional data organization and retrieval methods

Best of Both Worlds: Blending Stochastic Reasoning + Structured Knowledge Representation

The Team

Caduceus Team & its parent company, Semantic Knowledge Graph Technologies S.A., have an experience of 42 years in Knowledge Management, and an impeccable software engineering track record in the public and private sectors, having started from the beginning of the commercial database era in the 1980s.

The Team comprises of 9 developers, 3 Phds, with backgrounds in databases and knowledge management and 4 Ops with extensive Knowledge Management & Business backgrounds.

The Team is based in Greece, in three different locations.

Notable Previous Projects (Information available upon request)

Revolutionizing State Financial Reporting:
In 2005, we made history by automating the Greek State’s Financial Statement and Balance Sheet process for the first time ever. Our innovative solution streamlines submission alongside the Budget, ensuring efficient and accurate reporting for the Minister of Finance and Parliament.

Transforming Public Healthcare Management:

Our cutting-edge system revolutionizes healthcare administration for 1.7 million insured individuals and manages approximately €1.6 billion in expenses. By centralizing and automating all organizational activities at both national and regional levels, we provide real-time, comprehensive financial oversight for the General Accounting Office of the State (GAOS) and the administration.

Award-Winning European Funds Audit System:
Recognized and awarded by European entities, our comprehensive audit system ensures effective monitoring and management of co-financed programs, safeguarding the integrity of European funds and driving greater transparency.

Pioneering Business Intelligence Solutions in SE Europe:
Our state-of-the-art Business Intelligence platform, unifies economic units into a single framework, unlocking powerful insights from data processing. At the largest Business Intelligence organization and Credit Rating Agency in SE Europe, we proudly produce the most comprehensive Company Family Trees in the world, empowering businesses with the information they need to thrive.

Address: 7th kilometerer Larisas-Volou, Larisa PC 41500

The Founders

Stergios: The Visionary Technologist

Stergios, a polymath with an extraordinary blend of skills in physics, electrical engineering, computer science, and acoustic engineering, is a trailblazer in the field of technology. Since the 1980s, he has been tackling complex I.T challenges in diverse environments, ranging from governmental organizations to large-scale corporate enterprises. His journey in technology began in the early ’80s, marked by his passion for understanding and innovating at the intersection of various scientific disciplines.

Developed pioneering Knowledge Management Systems at the onset of the commercial database era. Key architect behind several complex tech infrastructures for multinational corporations. Spearheaded innovative IT solutions for government bodies, enhancing public service efficiency. Received numerous awards and recognitions for technological innovations and contributions to the field.

Skills and Expertise:
Proficient in multiple programming languages and database technologies. Expert in designing and implementing large-scale IT systems. Exceptional ability in interdisciplinary research and development. Vision for Caduceus: Stergios envisions Caduceus as a revolutionary tool that harmonizes technology with the human cognitive process. His deep understanding of various scientific fields has been instrumental in shaping Caduceus’s unique approach to visual knowledge management and AI integration.

Ntemis:The Diverse Strategist in Technology & Business

Ntemis, the co-founder of Caduceus, is a multi-faceted professional with a diverse background in business and technology. With his journey beginning in the early 2000s, Ntemis has been instrumental in bridging the gap between complex technical concepts and practical business applications. His career is a testament to his ability to synthesize varied disciplines into cohesive and effective strategies.

Instrumental in the development and implementation of comprehensive Knowledge Management systems, aligning them with business goals and operational efficiency. Played a pivotal role in optimizing software processes and workflows, significantly enhancing productivity and user experience in various organizations. Recognized for his innovative approaches in integrating technical solutions with business operations, leading to sustainable growth and competitive advantage. Spearheaded multiple projects that successfully merged technical sophistication with business acumen, ensuring both technological advancement and profitability.

Skills and Expertise:
Proficient in strategic planning and execution within both technical and business domains. Expertise in designing and managing software development life cycles, aligning them with business objectives. Skilled in operational management, streamlining processes for maximum efficiency and effectiveness. Strong background in applying technical knowledge to solve complex business challenges. Vision for Caduceus: Ntemis’s vision for Caduceus is deeply rooted in the understanding that Language and Thought are fundamental primitives of the human mind. He envisions Caduceus as a platform that transcends the limitations of traditional language, augmenting the inherent capabilities of human cognition and communication.

At the core of this vision lies the concept of Multi-Sensory Language (MSL), which Ntemis conceptualized in 2009. He recognized that conventional oral, pictographic and text-based languages often fail to convey the full spectrum of human experience, as it typically involves a linear process of sensory input, brain processing, categorization, and then verbal or written expression. This process often results in a loss of richness and depth in communication.

Caduceus, as envisaged by Ntemis, is a revolutionary solution to this limitation. It aims to enhance the bandwidth of human communication by integrating various sensory inputs directly into the communication process. The platform achieves this through its unique engine, which combines AI technologies like semantic web and Large Language Models with Caduceus’ unique semantic and multi modal knowledge graph engine (“ViReal“).

This integration allows Caduceus to create ‘Maps of Reality’ or ‘Memories’ that mimic cognitive processes more closely than traditional language. These Memories incorporate multimedia content such as video, text, audio, images, and visual topology, interconnected in a meaningful way. By doing so, Caduceus enables the transmission of information through semantic morphemes, that is richer, more nuanced, and more aligned with the actual mental concepts and sensory experiences of individuals.

In essence, Caduceus is not just a tool for managing information; it’s a medium that brings us closer to a form of 1:1 communication of thoughts, where ideas can be expressed and understood in their most authentic and comprehensive form. It represents a significant leap towards overcoming the barriers of language and culture, facilitating clearer, faster, and more accurate communication.

Ntemis’s vision with Caduceus is to unlock the potential of human ingenuity and creativity, enhancing the way we think, learn, and communicate, thereby augmenting knowledge transmission & truth seeking for humanity.